Saturday, October 5, 2013

Monkey in my dream??

Do you ever dream? Sometimes I dream every night for a week, then I may not dream again for a month. Some of my dreams are sweet and enjoyable, some are scary and some are exhausting. I have even dreamed the same dream time and time again.

I had a doozie (is that a real word?) the other night. I woke up so tired and mentally drained that I spent most of my day trying to figure out if it had a meaning. 

Did it predict the future? Perhaps it was fortelling me that I should not eat Fritos before going to bed? Or not watch that episode of New Jersey Housewives? I even told Kdaughter about it hoping she would have some insight as to WHY? She just laughed, then laughed again and rolled her eyes.

I will give you the short version and hope you will leave your opinion. I am completely baffled that I remember each detail vividly... So here it is...

I was making a meal for 40 strangers who were in my house watching me cook as their mouths drooled in hunger. My stove went out so we moved about 40 entrees down the road to a vacant old building, and then up a long flight of stairs to an apartment. 

 I hurriedly got back to finishing up this very large meal for those hungry strangers when in walked the Allstate man carrying a stack of small pizzas and a monkey. I was so relieved to get the pizzas to help me keep the hungry strangers at bay that I agreed to babysit the monkey for him. I proceeded to finish cooking while trying to hold onto this very hyperactive monkey. Then I woke up.

Picture this: my hands flying all over the place keeping this monkey out of the food, while setting the table and plating entrees for 40 guests that I have never met before.

I woke up exhausted.... 

mentally drained... 

and wondering if I was going to be 
in an Allstate commercial?

 No more Fritos before bed for me!

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  1. I don't understand your dream, but I can tell you that I have had dreams where I too have woke up exhausted too!!!!!!!!!


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