Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Just call the man...

There have been several times in our past 16 years of marriage that I have said to my wonderful and loving husband after he had tried so hard 

 “Please, honey, call the man”. 

As embarrassed and humbled as I feel right now, 

I had to say it,
 to myself,

I had to eat my own words, they tasted awful, and were hard to swallow. I nearly choked.

My day started off really well planned. On the list: try a new recipe and bake a deeeelicious pie; get my brand new cute little sewing machine from walmart out of the box and hem two pairs of pants.

As I listened to some Lorrie Morgan, I made the crust, rolled it out, carefully placed my delicate creation into my favorite pie pan. I set my new cute little lime green portable timer from walmart for 12 minutes. I may have evened hummed along to a song or two.


The phone rang and I got in a deeply involved discussion with a friend about how husbands who won't ask for help, even when they need it.


That cheap little ugly so and so walmart timer didn't go off resulting in an awful, dark brown, inedible pie shell for my brand new chocolate silk pie recipe. 

One hour of my day burnt. So I – repeated it – only this time without that cheap little so and so ugly walmart timer. I took the phone off the hook and sat in front of the stove and watched it cook. It turned out perfect and so did my new recipe FRENCH SILK PIE from my “Taste of Home – simple and delicious" magazine.

On to number two on my list – Getting my new cute little sewing machine from walmart out of the box and hemming my trousers. Is that an old word that only people who now have an AARP card and get senior discounts would use? 

I had gotten over my burnt pie shell and was in such a happy mood as I took that new cute little sewing machine from walmart out of the box and saw all of the cute little gadgets that had come with it. Oh, I thought, this will be so much fun! 

I didn't even mind that it took me 15 minutes to find the English version of the Quick Start Guide before I could even peel back the blue shipping tape which was clearly printed with "Read Quick Start Guide before removing tape".


It took me an hour and half to thread that cute little sewing machine from walmart . But I didn't give up. I will never give up I told myself. I will figure this out! 


As for hemming the pants – 
the photo speaks for itself -
only I am not duplicating it five times.


I sewed, ripped it out, then I sewed, ripped it out, then I sewed, ripped it out, and then I sewed and then ripped it out AGAIN. I tried adjusting the tension and changing the weight of the thread. Then I chose a different stitch, then reread the Quick Reference Guide again (in English). Then I watched the video again. Then I sewed it again. 


I got up and went for a walk around the house. I may not learn to sew using this cheap little ugly sewing machine from WalmartI left it, full of tangled thread sitting on the table.


I reached for my phone and called an alterations store in town a half hour away.

A MAN answered.

and I almost cried.

I had just...



  1. Oh, I hate those moments. I would have hemmed them by hand...what a bummer time you had. I hope you get that machine running. I like my machine. Its simple. You step on the peddle and it runs. No computer gadgets with mine. I think I would have packed that one up once I saw all the stuff in the box. At least you had pie to eat after all of that.

  2. That looping could be the bobbin tension. Make sure you are dropping the bobbin in the right direction, too. Good luck.

  3. I HATE days like that. I'm glad the pie turned out and I hope you ca get the sewing machine working properly. If you still hate it go to a sewing machine store and buy a good OLD USED machine. They are cheap and they usually work like a charm. xo Diana

  4. I LOVE THIS STORY! because it is so ME... and thanks for this because i have been thinking of buying that cute little sewing machine and all i want it for is hemming and repairing seams that come apart.... thanks for the smiles

  5. Thanks everyone for your encouragement! I think I didn't have the bobbin right. I inherited a 40 year old machine from my grandmother, but it didn't come with instructions of any kind. I tried using it, but I needed some instructions. I it is hard when you don't even know the name of the gadgets or what the dials are for. I took it to the sewing repair place and he wanted $75 just to open it up and another $30 to clean it. I got the new one for $94 and it even came with a CD tutorial. I WILL learn to sew! I have made a promise to myself to learn.

  6. hehe, i am reading out of order BUT omgosh.....so happy to have read the ending of this story first!!

    those bobbins can be a nightmare!!

  7. The bobbins are the dickens to fix! Amber has an inexpensive little machine that I sewed quite a few things on it while I was down in Houston. When they moved up here I opened it up to hem some of her curtains and I never could get the tension right!! Hopefully she can take it in somewhere to be serviced! I have a Bernia - which is expensive but is 30 years old and will last my lifetime! I HAD a Bernia before and the only reason I got a new one 30 years ago was because my house burned and everything in it back in 1983.
    Glad you 'Called the MAN!!' We need a pic of that pie!! I'll go back up and look to make sure I didn't miss it. Guess it's probably gone by now....

    1. Thanks Linda, I can see in your blog that you know what you are talking about. This little machine may only sew thin cotton fabric, but that is fine with me. I want to make an apron and maybe some napkins and placemats. I made a bucket list and making an apron out of pretty fabric with matching table linens on the list!


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