Thursday, October 3, 2013

I need some chocolate!

It is unpleasant at our house this week...

Politics. It is an ugly word. No, it is a downright dirty word at our house. What is happening in our government  is also happening at our house. (stop, check your blood pressure, take a deep breath...)

We are partially shutdown. We are spending our “in-sessions” arguing. And we can not meet in the middle on the subject. HE has his opinion, I have mine. I have been without healthcare most of my life, even though I had insurance. I have been sued for over $100,000 by a hospital, while I had insurance, that refused to cover my pre-existing disease that I was born with. I paid it, it was hard and almost destroyed me in doing so. 

My last monthly insurance premium was $2800 with a rider that will NOT cover my pre-existing illness. It has been my passion for over 30 years to get healthcare for those of us with pre-existing illnesses. For this I am happy. HE is not. We are still meeting to discuss the details.


I want to say a big thank you to Debbie over at for inspiring me to paint my exterior light fixtures. They were 11 years old and looking very worn. She did it and her fixture looked brand new again. Thanks Debbie for showing a non-crafty person like me that I CAN DO IT!



We have been busy pouring sidewalks around Big Brothers house. We did the same thing at our house with the exception that we ordered the cement and it was delivered mixed and ready to spread and finish. This time, we are older. We bought a cement mixer and are doing small, manageable portions in 5 foot lengths. Big brother and lil sister, work well together. I am good at handing tools, dragging, and finishing the edges. I know how to measure a yard of concrete, check the slump and add water if necessary. Only 45 feet more to go. Wooh... where is the Tylenol?



We are ready for Halloween. Here are a few of our Halloweanie friends and d├ęcor. Nothing is new, all is an accumulation of years of bargains, after holiday sales and gifts. 
The pirate is singing and dancing after some minor repairs on his joints.

Watch out for the spiders, they fly!

The mummy screams when you get close! Don't be scared!

Our Halloweanie friends are happy to meet you at the door!

More Halloweanie friends inside to keep us company.

Mr. Skeleton says hello. note: my shoes are always next to the door,
even when company is coming,

These were a gift from daughter many years ago and are sitting on an antique dresser
which I removed the mirror and use as an entry table.

The book is a candy dish, when you open it, it speaks to you,
the pumpkin bowl is made of wood and holds the dog's leash and
all those thing I have borrowed and need to return
Reminder the jar needs to go back to my Aunt.!
Now it's time to watch the evening news...
He needs a Miller Lite 
and I need a peanut butter cup.


  1. Jackie- I know how divisive this health care issue for so many in the country. I am so sorry that you have had to struggle to pay so much for insurance. God bless you-it is not your fault you were born and would need continuing health care your whole life.
    On to your decorations- they are just lovely...and scary...and fun! AND you did a great job on your light fixtures. They look like brand new! Hope you have a good night- xo Diana

  2. Thanks Diana - I will be glad when this is all over and we can get on to other issues. I want to learn about this linking with other bloggers. I see blogging parties on several sites and would like to participate, they look like a lot of fun!


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