Sunday, October 13, 2013

Crafty? Me?

I found a couple of hours today to play on my computer and avoid that big pile of laundry in the utility room. I love to go to craft shows, especially the War Eagle Show in Rogers, Arkansas. We make a day of it, endure the long lines of cars waiting in line to park, and wear our walking shoes. It is a great show, features great artists, great crafts and has just about everything crafty. If you would like more information, below is the link to their site.

I have always wanted to be crafty but my somewhat OCD personality makes it challenging, very challenging for me. It is hard for me to start something and then leave it out unfinished. So I recently moved a cabinet in from the garage to store some crafty projects and supplies. It also has to have space for work, files and some storage.

The room looks pink but it is really a dark burgundy.

Note: sewing machine still in box. I recently went to the FM Store and looked at fabric, apparently I may need to make payments in order to make something. I didn't know fabric, notions, and scissors were so expensive. I also went to Hobby Lobby and investigated taking up scrapbooking. Again, I will need to exercise some stock options before I start that type of crafting. Whew...

I am going to “try” to be more crafty and make some things that I have pinned on my “want to do” Pinterest Board. Just pinning them makes me feel crafty.

My right hand doesn't always do what my brain tells it to so I felt my first projects should be something on the computer so that I can use the “back” or “revert to previous” button. Here are a few projects I would like to share. I am loving my Picmonkey!

My first collage using buttons and double border.

A mirrored image of our bench during last winters snowstorm.

Meet Braddock my cousins baby boy!

A mirrored image of some trees.


  1. Jackie- Your mirrored images are beautiful. I love your cabinet for crafting, too. I am a bit OCD, too, and like everything to have a place and be in order. Nice job! xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana! I tried today, it did not go well, all I did was make a mess....

  2. I love your computer crafts!!! What a great idea! You are right - artistic people are rarely tidy! Creating DOES make a mess!
    I am a housekeeper at heart but I can make a mess with the best of them!!

    1. You make beautiful things, I have seen them and I love it when you share. Please keep sharing, the clipboards you made with the grandkids was awesome!

  3. oh my, Braddock has stolen my heart. and i see by this post you like to play with software to

    1. Thanks Sandra, I think he has a human heart and understands english... if only we could teach him to use the toilet and then flush!


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