Monday, October 7, 2013

Another Monday!

Sleep finally came last night. I turned off the cable news channel early in the morning, then before bed I drank a cold glass of milk and read some inspiration blogs. No dreams for me last night... woke up refreshed... at 6am to find a beautiful sunrise coming up in the east.

The last three days have been hard on my mind and body. Waking up more tired than before bed changed how my day went, how my mind functioned and made me completely out of balance.

So today I celebrated. I spent the entire day in my kitchen trying a couple of new recipes from my stack of “try someday” recipes. I made the Ding Dong Cake that a friend posted on facebook, it looked so good. Then I iced it with a fudge frosting that I found on Sweet Tea – Do you whimsey? Blog. I came across her recipe the other day and the name alone made me print it and add it to my “try someday” recipe stack. I love finding recipes tried and recommended by others. They go right on the top of the stack since they are tried and tested. 

 Here is the link to her blog and the recipe. Her blog is fun to read so hop on over and check it out.  

Kdaughter and her boyfriend are coming over tonight for a Luck of the Irish meal of corn beef and cabbage, twice baked potatoes, glazed baked carrots, homemade hot rolls and of course Ding Dong cake. Thehubs isn't fond of sweets, so I made him a plate of chocolate covered strawberries, just for him! I wanted to thank him for picking up my slack the last couple of days while I was in my “lack of sleep fog”.

It feels so good to feel good. 
 Thank you to the Lord above for blessing me
with a wonderful night of restful sleep! Hallejeuah!

Just FYI: I have been experimenting with some new layouts for my blog, so things may seem a bit unusual for a while as I learn as I go! I am still learning Blogspot and Picmonkey and having a great time experimenting with new layouts and photo projects.

Thanks for taking a peek!


  1. So glad you got a good night's rest. I have fibro, and sleepless nights just go with it. I pray as I am going to sleep and ask for a good night of rest. I also take naps. I can't seem to sleep more than 4 hours at a time, so I have to do it twice.
    Love your photos, and that cake looks so good. Supper sounded wonderful, too. Happy you had a good day and played around in the kitchen. Hope you have another fun day tomorrow.

  2. Your blog looks great, I never change mine after loosing everything once while trying to freshen it up! Do you have a Pinterest account, I think you would love it. You can follow/see mine using the link on my blog

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    1. thanks jackie, ditto....i really enjoy my visits with you!!

      i followed you back!! don't you just love pinterest?!?!


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