Monday, October 7, 2013

Along Old Route 66

Along old route 66 just east of Carthage, MO you will see some mighty strange and quirky things. A local artist named Lowell Davis, once known for his paintings and sculptures of barn animals and scenery has created some signs for local businesses. 

The CRAPDUSTER below sits in front of the Flying W Travel Center across from Kellogg Lake. Mr. Davis built the entire plane from farm machinery parts.

In between appointments with clients today,
 we stopped by a local flea market to walk a bit. I thought I would share 
some of the creations one booth is selling. 



  1. I did it! No dreams/nightmares last night! I got a good nights sleep and feel so good this morning!

  2. I have always wanted to go down Route 66. Glad you slept good.

  3. I love it!!! Great things are out there on Route 66! I hope to travel along there sometime in the next couple of years and see all the sights! Louis Dean would love this!

  4. Thank you everyone for reading/commenting. I feel like I have penpals across the world. Mr. Davis has these great signs/metal sculptures all over Carthage, MO. I will share more of them as I get around town and get some photos taken. He is quite a character and has re-built his home town of Red Oak out on his farm. It is a hidden treasure. He has a facebook page and here is the link or search fpr Red Oak II. It is a must-see. Linda, I think Louis Dean would like Mr. Davis!


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