Sunday, September 29, 2013

Summer 2013

Well, summer is coming to an end at our house, summer 2013 is past. But now the fishing gets better, the bonfires can be lit and chili dogs can be roasted. The hay wagon is ready for passengers to take a  trip through the woods, around the corner and through the old cemetery, while we scream at the top of our lungs.

So I thought I would share some photos of our summer. We live way out in the country, down a dirt road surrounded by woods, coyotes, and deer. I love the private setting, the quiet, and the dark at night. Until I need some item at the grocery store. It is a half hour drive to town.

Here are a few photos of our summer 2013...

Early in the spring after a rain, looking down our long driveway.

The fishing is always good in our back yard.

Enjoying a lazy day and getting some sun.

The view from our patio.

Girls having fun.

Baby swallows in the corner.

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  1. So what state do you live in - this is so wonderful! Looked like a great summer. Sandie

  2. Jackie- What a gorgeous place you live in. I was born and raised on top of a mountain where peace and quiet reigned. I miss it when i see pictures like there. Love that you enjoy where you live. xo Diana

  3. WoW, what a gorgeous view from your deck....these pictures tell a wonderful story of summer sun and fun!!

  4. Now that is fishing-sitting in your lawn chair in waist deep water!

  5. We live in southwest Missouri and we love the quiet here. I can go for a walk in the woods or ride the four wheeler anytime, anywhere. I only wish we lived in the city when I need that one item from the grocery store, it turns out to be about an hour and a half to the store and back. I often drive to Springfield, MO to buy our groceries as the stores there have a better variety.

  6. jackie....nj is awsome!! where we live, we have the best of every world!!


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