Thursday, September 26, 2013


Well, it has been a while since I posted and I need to get back to putting thoughts and ideas on paper and learning and sharing. It's kind of funny though, I seemed to miss it, maybe my brain likes to empty itself.  I kept reading my favorite blogs, my decorating blogs, my cooking blogs, my organizing blogs and enjoyed each and every post. But I didn't leave any comments, even though I had some. I guess my mind needed a serious break from sharing its thoughts with others. Maybe, I was on information over-load?

I have always appreciated people sharing information. When I was a new bride, I loved my monthly extension club meetings. It was a place to ask questions, share ideas, learn new ways, and rejuvenate my drive to be and do better. I have so many tried and true recipes and household hints that I use everyday, all from those gals at those meetings. Then along came work, a relocation, and those day-to-day serious responsibilities just got in the way.

The blogging world is like a virtual club of great women (and maybe a few men) whom I stay in touch with. I get to share some of their life's experiences, they get to share some of mine. My list of blogs I like to read is growing, so I am certain that the men/women ratio on my favorites blog tool bar will also grow. I have to say though... that my life is really pretty boring, sometimes not blog worthy, sometimes my random sense of humor evades me and hides under a lot of seriousness. And who would want to read a blog about my not-so-great day?

Seems it started with that dreaded phone call that a family member had passed away. A young man, a husband and father to two small boys went to sleep and never woke up. Seriousness kicked into overdrive, alongside sadness and a longing to help in some way.

Now it is time to unleash the seriousness
and bring my everyday, day-to-day self back in.

It started with a trip to the Pet Store for Lillie, our granddog. She has special dietary needs. She went through a serious (seriously? there is that word again) illness and now must eat her special brand. She loves to ride in her car seat and is very good while moving at 55mph.

Lillie in her stroller at the petfood store!
note: she turned her head when the camera came out!

She just doesn't like having her photo taken, no matter how many times you ask or bribe and need her to look at the camera, she always looks sideways when she hears your finger click the button.

Lillie in her car seat riding down the road
note: she turned her head when the camera came out!
Later, and this is a funny story, I cleaned my dryer vent. I must pat myself on the back for doing such a good job, so good I broke the dryer. So off to the appliance store to replace that old noisy set with a quiet and more energy and water efficient one, which they delivered just this morning. The appliance men then tried to turn on my new dryer and it wouldn't work. Turns out the breaker was flipped. I told you I did a great job cleaning it! So I either prevented a dryer fire or caused a short circuit, but it was really, really clean.

I think that is where I went into information overload. So many choices, so many prices, so many stores, so much on-line research! Front loader, top loader, big and really big, free deliver and install, or haul and install myself????????

Yep, that's what it was – 
information overload,


  1. Well, glad you got your information overloaded self back here! Now you can share what kind of dryer you you had known the breaker blew would you have needed a new set of appliances? xo Diana

  2. You sure do love your pup - where did you get that stroller - I would love to get one.

  3. Hi Dear One,
    I am the new follower of your wonderful blog.
    I do not see the list of followers displayed in the right corner of your page.
    Anyway, I am here to let you know that I'll be back to read more of your posts.
    I am Starry, a Christian mom and grandmother of 3 New York grandchildren.
    I write stories, poems, thoughts, blogs, do artwork, and so on.
    I am also an animal and nature lover, a dreamer for a better life...
    My hubby will soon retire, and we'll begin to travel more as we please.
    Please, visit my blogs, and join some of them, if you wish, sweetheart.
    Welcome Aboard to Blogland!
    Blessings from our dear Lord,
    Poet Starry Dawn.

  4. Thank you ladies for taking a peek at my random thoughts. Welcome Starry Dawn, glad you stopped by and I am looking forward to getting to know you better! I bought a whirlpool cabrio because it was on sale at a great price. I wanted a front loader but the extra costs just didn't add up for me, the bases alone were averaging $250 each. WOW! My daughter bought the stroller and the car seats on-line, not sure where. They are very handy, Lillie gets in the car and goes right to her car seat and enjoys her ride. She is a hyper personality so the stroller keeps her from pulling on her leash when we take her out around the public. She is a bit f a diva with an independent attitude! LOL

  5. i write every. single. day. and my life is not exciting. i share my day to day thoughts, my images and my love for life....peeps keep coming back!!

    i read a lot of decorating, organizing blogs. i don't always leave comments on those because they have so many followers but i really enjoy them!!

    i have enjoyed reading your blog, i hope you keep writing!!

    have a great weekend!!


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