Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Next Stop - Little Rock, Arkansas

We are only home for one day this week
then we are headed to Little Rock, Arkansas.

So I thought I would share a few photos from past trips
during different seasons of the year.

This is the State Capitol Building. It was one of those first warm and sunny days, early in spring, it was so nice, we decided to take a two hour walk along the State Capitol Grounds.

 The beautiful glass ceilings in the Capitol Building 
are one of many reasons to go inside the building and take a walk.  
The architecture inside is as pretty as the outside.

 I just couldn't resist taking this photo. I was standing under a beautiful Dogwood Tree and could see both the blue sky and the top of the Capitol.

 Right in the heart of the Market District,
you can walk back in time
and see this amazing mini farm from the past.

 Brother Roy was in the Navy, stationed on a nuclear submarine,
so submarine museums are my favorite. 
This is a real submarine, the Arkansas. 
You can go inside, down thru the hatch and see exactly what is is like.
They have left it just as it was, it is quite a tour.

 Our favorite place for lunch, an outdoor cafe.
(we have none of these back home)

This is the longest pedestrian bridge located in downtown Little Rock,
Market District along the Arkansas River. The park is beautiful even in  winter.

Thank you for looking!


  1. Have fun in Little Rock, Jackie. I have not been there in several years. It is supposed to be nice weather there this week, too. I have a good friend that lives about 30 minutes from there- xo Diana

  2. Your images are lovely, this looks like a wonderful place to visit!!

    The dogwood is my favorite, I have a pink one, just like the one you photographed, right in my front yard!!

    I hope you have an awesome trip, that cafe looks like a fun place to enjoy a good meal!!


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