Thursday, September 19, 2013

My everydays...

Since joining the blogging world, I find myself being envious of my new friends talking about their Happy Tuesdays and Dinner Thursdays. They make plans with friends each month on a certain day, they join groups that drink wine together on Fridays or spend their Sundays going to a community event. How fun that must be! To know what is scheduled on next Thursday or the 2nd Tuesday of each month. To be able to prepare in advance, to pick up that special bottle of wine, prepare a great dessert, or plan that special outfit to wear.

That doesn't happen at our house, at least not often. The past couple of years we have been jumping at the ring of the telephone and canceling our plans if work offers up an opportunity or a trip to the doctor is necessary. Couple the need to work in a depressed economy and a career based on clients needs and schedules and you find keeping a schedule or a routine is nearly impossible. The last couple of years I found myself calling up friends and canceling/rescheduling those moments in our life that make you laugh till your cheeks hurt.

For a couple of years now, we get up when we need to, go to bed when we need to, eat when we need to... and the times all vary, everyday. Each day is different, each week is different.

We were forced to add cancer and hyperthroidism to our list of challenges. We have been through surgery, radiation treatments, prescription changes, dosage changes, and hundreds of blood tests and scans in our battle to defeat this enemy and win the war on cancer that struck our family.

Hyperthyroidism takes time to be discovered and a simple blood test can diagnose it. It effects people in many different ways. Some get tired, some don't. Some gain weight, some don't.

It can effect the ability to track time, to remember and to organize your thoughts, to plan ahead. It can make it hard to concentrate. And this can vary from day to day, some days are better, some days are trying. It takes time to find the best medicine and the right dose to get your life back to what it was before. It is possible but it may take time. The medicine takes time to adjust and monitor, then adjust and monitor, then adjust and monitor...

We are slowly seeing our life getting back to our “pre-thryoidism” normal. I haven't had to erase/reschedule a social entry in my calendar for about a month now.

It is starting to feel normal again at our house.

Just thought I would share some photos from our trip to Integrity Hills in Branson, Missouri. This is a place to turn your phone off, and sit in silence, and look/feel/hear Mother Nature. It was a dream of a friend of ours. He dreamed it, prayed about it and then built it. It is a place for solitude, quiet remembrance and peace.


  1. Your friend had a wonderful dream and I hope you were the ones taking pictures of it. I am a new follower. Who had cancer and what kind - and who has the thyroid issue? I am sorry you had to go through that. sandie

  2. I hope your life settled=s down for you soon, Jackie. It is hard to not have a routine of some sort...and illness does take that away from us. I was off my feet for almost a year and it was no fun. Blessings to you- love your photos- xo Diana

  3. Great post. I love to blog journal because you see Life the people are living it now. You don't always see where they have been and the struggles they have been through to get to the 'happy' place. You have a deep seated well of wisdom and faith that is holding you steady on your course. Life is a journey and involves several different roads. I am a thyroid cancer survivor myself. Prayers for your road on THAT particular adventure will soon be paved smooth! There are 'Seasons of Life'....according to Charles Swindoll in one of his many books. You are probably still in the 'Summer' season while I and many others are in the 'Fall' ......Louis Dean - at nearly 77 years old is pushing into 'Winter.'

    I love how you make plans - even though you must take things day by day! Keep your vision, Jackie!! You are doing great!
    Have a great weekend, Dear Friend! Keep on keeping on! That's all God asks us to do!


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