Friday, September 20, 2013

I want to take a moment and thank the blogging community for your uplifting and encouraging comments, posts and blogs.  

I enjoy keeping in touch and seeing the world
through so many eyes... in so many places... in so many hearts.

 It reminds me of my 4-H Club pen pals back when I was much, much younger! We live in a very small and rural town, a population of 345 with one 4-way stop, one church, one ballpark and one bar. We live down a private lane, near a river, in the woods, and you can hear a car coming from several miles away. It is quiet here.
We love cruising on the boat on a sunny day!

Myhubs has had a tough couple of years.  He had 3 large tumors removed from his thyroid that had invaded the surrounding muscles and lymph nodes. It was very aggressive and fast growing. The symptoms appeared gradually about a year prior to the diagnosis. Always being an organized and patient man, we saw him not be able to sit down for more than a couple of minutes.  His body and his brain had to be multi-tasking all of the time. If I needed to have a talk with him, I had to put it in an email as he just wasn't able to sit, talk and stay focused. He had to be moving all of the time. At his yearly physical a simple blood test gave us the answer and explained the "got-to-be-busy" behavior.

The past 14 months have been a series of radiation treatments, scans, and modifying prescriptions. He is getting back to himself now and we are seeing positive changes each day. He is still producing cancer cells but by keeping his thyroid levels high (hyperthyroidism), the cancer starves of a protein and dies. Monitoring and controlling these levels is what is keeping the cancer from growing.

We are extremely blessed with good doctors, good nurses and affordable healthcare.  During our battle with cancer, my brother, my uncle and two good friends lost their battles with cancer.  The fight at times felt overwhelming. 
Rest in Peace dear Brother.

I pray that they find a cure for cancer, or even better, a preventive vaccine ending this war on our bodies, our loved ones, our families and friends. 


  1. I did not know any of that. Phew. I pray for an end to cancer too. I lost my brother, but not to cancer. I pray for your hubby - so keeping the thyroid levels high destroys cancer.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. oh i could not agree more, your right, good doctors and nurses make all the difference!!

    it's so sad, so many people are loosing the battle with cancer!!

    you guys look great!!

    have an awesome weekend!!

  3. Hi Jackie. Bless you and your husband's heart. I pray he gets stronger with each passing day. Cancer is so deadly.I just went through my second bout of ovarian cancer and I also have thyroid cancer. I do hope they find a cure for this. Blessings, Linda


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