Monday, September 16, 2013

Bella Vista, Arkansas

"May God bless those in Colorado 
suffering from the rain and floods."

We haven't been home much lately. We have been going back and forth to Little Rock, Arkansas from our home in the southwest corner of Missouri.  

We have not had any rain for more than 3 weeks so our yard is bone dry and full of cracks.  We have been watering our yard with the lawn sprinkler, dragging that heavy waterhose from tree to tree, sometimes watering all night long. The dust and pollen has everyone's allergies flared up.  Our eyes are red, our noses are red, and we have a bathroom counter full of sinus miracle drugs and boxes of kleenex - with lotion, a true miracle product for those of us with allergies.

We often drive to Fayetteville, Arkansas for the day.  We love the drive, the shopping, the people.  I find the citizens of that great state, to be very friendly and funny too!

We travel through Bella Vista, and enjoy the Veterans Monument Park. It is a great place to walk and read about the history of our freedom. It is also a great place to strike up a conversation with a passerby. This monument is located in the heart of the Bella Vista Community and sits beside a lake with a pedestrian bridge over a beautiful running stream.

Here is the link to their website:
Our military history is revealed through a 36’ Timeline and a series of plaques each giving a brief description of the major military  events in this period.  Over 120 running feet of beautiful cast bronze is used in this historical/educational presentation. Two walls containing the Preamble to our Constitution, seals of each Armed Forces branch and historical quotes  along with 18 historical flags add to the educational display.”

If you ever find yourself traveling through the Northwest part of Arkansas, please make time to stop and see this, enjoy a nice walk, and meet some very nice people.

I just had to share this one...

I have seen many Hog fans along this route.
But this one gets the
spirit award! 
It made me proud to be a friend to the Razorback state!


  1. Thank you for following me new friend! Where can I follow you at?

    Now you must be saying how dry you are there. I do feel bad for droughts and too much rain. Nature is hard.

    That is one decorated car!

    Love, sandie

  2. Jackie -That is quite a car! Not yours then?;>) I really love your pictures and think Arkansas is a beautiful state-

    Sorry about your allergies- I have one daughter that suffers daily with allergies- xo Diana

  3. i sure do wish mother nature would spread the wealth/rain around!! she sure is a tad confused or angry....the floods are just awful!!

    good luck with those allergies, it's such a beautiful time of year to be outdoors!!


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