Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just a few...

I do not find myself attaching to things around my house,
all of my things can come and go,
nothing much becomes a favorite. 

 I have heard this question asked many times:
"If you had a fire and had to grab something quickly on your way out the door,
what would you grab?". Of course the answer would be family photos,
but other than those treasures, there isn't much I could do without or replace.

Being raised in the Quaker faith,
we were taught that
"things" really had no value.

I just wanted to share a few things that I do love,
and would replace should I ever have to leave them behind.

 My Peggy Cappy Yoga video. 
This video is relaxing and stretches each and every joint/muscle in your entire body.
It makes me feel so good!

 My Diamond oil from Redken.
 It keeps me from having "BIG" hair
and also makes a "new do" last for several days.

 My knife rack. I am a big fan of function, then style. In my house, if that item earns a place, it first has to function. This knife rack and the scraper on the right were purchased at a restaurant supply store and are in use several times a day.

My Gateway laptop computer. With my husbands business, we have to be mobile, it travels well and has many miles on it.  It has played karaoke, videos, and provided hours/days/weeks/years of research and emails.
It has helped me more than words can say.
It is very reliable, portable, and durable.

My hanging pot rack. It is so handy
 Everything is within reach, no drawers to pull open,
and it always stays organized.

Just had to share....
thank you for stopping by...
What are your everyday favorites?


  1. LOL-Couldn't do without my Bunn coffee maker-hot coffee immediately on the spot! I also love my flat iron for my hair...need that big time! xo Diana

  2. hi case of a fire, pictures and scrapbooks only!! sometimes i "want" to loose the other "stuff"...."stuff" i once thought was important, it's not!!

    i LOVE my sony notebook and my ipad. i would have to replace either/both if lost!!

    i love your pot rack. i don't cook enough to use something like that. come time to use a pot, the pots would be all dusty ;)


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