Friday, August 16, 2013

I like color!

Yes, my “casa” is colorful. 
A flower arrangement hanging on my wall in Entryway.
I like to get your attention when you come in the front door!

 From the walls to the accessories, lots of color. I love to look at decorating magazines, decorating blogs, and my favorite Pinterest and I spend hours dreaming.

But lately, they seem so boring. 
 WHITE seems to be everyone's favorite color! Really?

My fudge/caramel painted bedroom walls, no white!
The poster above the bed was a special gift from myhubs.
. It is an antique poster that I had framed.

White walls, with white furniture and white accessories?
I like white... I don't love white.

Cat treats and flowers on a plant stand by our patio door, again... no white!
Okay, some cream... the cat and I like it.

Enough with the white. 
I am letting my subscription to “Traditional Home” 
expire because of the color white.  Boring... 

 I am removing a few of my favorite blogs, 
as they too are so full of white. Boring...

This is an arrangement on my bedroom dresser, again  no white!
All garage sale bargains, except for the card, a treasure from Myhubs.

Color... any color... is my favorite color today!


  1. Hi Jackie- Thank you for finding me and signing up to follow me today. I am your newest follower and I already put you on my sidebar. I hope you have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

    edited to add: You might want to take the double word verification off-it really keeps most people from leaving a comment. They just won't take the time to do it- didn't know if you know it is on-

  2. I love your rich colors!! I like white but I LOVE colors! I have a white bedroom and it is restful....but I could never go white all over the house! I do not subscribe to ANY magazines right now. And I don't even miss them....really!

    It took me a couple of tries on the verification. Guess I don't SEE what they SEE!

  3. I am still learning, so thank you Ladies! I welcome any comments and help I can get. Please keep them coming!

  4. I am a BIG lover of white, creams, tans and beige? That is my cycle now, it changes all the time!! Right now my walls are tans, cream and something of a "gold/yellow/sunshine color, in a very pretty sort of way.

    Although I love white furniture, I don't have any white walls!

  5. I recently painted my kitchen/dining rooms a yellowy tan and I love it. I agree Debbie, I seem to have color cycles too. I think white reminds me of my dentists/doctors offices... I would love to paint my kitchen cabinets white but Myhubs says NO to that idea! My girlfriend recently remodeled and painted her cabinets white with black countertops and added burgundy and green accessories... Love it!


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