Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My New hobby!

Quote for my day: Do what you can with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt

I just started a new hobby. If you knew me that announcement would seem strange. I have never been crafty. I have tried to be many times in my life. I have tried flower arranging, crocheting, knitting, needlepoint, rug making, ceramics, macrame.... wow just naming them makes me feel overwhelmed. I tried to try to find my passion, my gift or my talent only to feel unorganized and messy. But I tried.

I have known many people who do have great hobbies and create master pieces with their skills. I have also known many people who create... shall I say not-so-great master pieces. I have friends and family who have many, many hobbies,. They have hobby rooms, hobby tables, hobby lights, and a large budget for all those hobby supplies.

But... I have OCD tendencies, coupled with a “have to put it away” personality. And I hate clutter. So having a hobby required more of me than I was willing to give. Where do you keep those unfinished projects, all those supplies, and still feel creative? And what do you do with all of those masterpieces? Or those not-so-great masterpieces? That is why my desire to have a hobby always stopped, dead in the road.

This time, I approached my “want to do” project with a new attitude. After visiting a store in my area called “repurpose”, I became intrigued with all the beautiful masterpieces that are created in that store. All by using stuff you already have, and finding a new purpose for those old treasures that you just can't part with. You can find them on their facebook page by linking below:

Here you will find a mix of some of my dishes (garage sale finds), candles that I have had for years, placemats I use everyday, plants, etc. They have all been repurposed and come together to fill my dinner table, and a side planter. All repurposed and used.

I created the centerpeice from an old glass vase, twine and an old necklace that I was tired of. Added some pearl beads and put it on one of my favorite plates.

So I think I will not call my new adventure a hobby, it shall be called...

My "re-purposing"...

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