Saturday, May 18, 2013

They wouldn't call it work...

Quote for my night: "If it was fun, they wouldn't call it work, they would call it recess."  My Dad

I have always had an office, a desk, a phone, computer, etc. You know all those tools you need to be “support staff” and keep the business going. It always came with a drawer for those personal necessities like candy bars, crackers, lipstick, and tylenol, lots of tylenol.

I've had offices with big windows, no windows, no people, lots of people, quiet people and noisy people. I've had pretty offices and offices that weren't. I've had to walk long hallways to print, log in to make copies, even if it was only one copy (annoying). Walking down a cement floored hallway in high heels, then down a flight of stairs to the basement to make a copy made my feet hurt. And doing it for 8-9 hours a day will put calluses on your toes and make that bedtime hot bath important, very important.

Now my office is on my patio table. With the invention of laptop computers, cell phones and scanners, my world changed, all for the better. Now I can work from home. I can work in my pajamas, barefoot, while the washing machine is running and dinner is cooking on the stove. I have no wires attached, it is mobile. I can take it anywhere.

My daily work life is better, more comfortable and more enjoyable. Work is still work, but I no longer get calluses on my toes, or have to wear high heels.

It is time for recess... I miss you Dad!

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