Friday, April 12, 2013

I have the choice to choose my friends.

QUOTE FOR MY DAY: I'm gonna make the REST of my life, the BEST of my life, and surround myself with ONLY people who lift me up. 

How do you end a relationship after investing several years and your heart? How do you divorce a friend or an organization and do it amicably? How do you walk away? How do you make the decision to walk away and do it without turning it into a world war?

That is a hard decision to make, a very hard decision to come to. But if that relationship drags you down, tears you up, and spits you out, the time may come to end it. To walk away and leave it in the past. Some may tell you to “grow a thick skin”, some may tell you to “just ignore the negativity”, but your "true" friends will tell you to end it. To move on to better things. How can you open a new opportunity when the old one is beating you up and you spend most of your energy mending your wounds? Walk away, wish them well, and move on.

Negativity is, in some cases a disease, a contagious disease that becomes a habit. And over time, people can develop negative feelings into negative actions. Habits like judgment and blame, criticism and rumors can be come habits for some people. They can tear you down, consume your energy and make you feel worthless. I have been there and I chose to walk away. I did not know how much of my energy and enthusiasm was being wasted, just trying to survive this relationship. What really makes me so sad? This relationship was with other women. Women standing under an umbrella of a good cause.

I chose to speak, then walk away. As sad as it was to quit, to fail, I had failed myself by staying. So I chose to move on. I no longer have to talk myself into feeling good about myself or work so hard to be liked. By closing that door, I am opening my heart and my energy to greater and happier opportunities. I can feel the negativity and the bad habits fading and being replaced with positive energy and gracious habits. I look forward to tomorrow, I feel good about myself, I love better and appreciate my friends. I feel their gifts.

You can lift me up... or you can go away...

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