Saturday, April 27, 2013

Goodbye Cowboy...

Some days are hard, some days call for tough decisions. Today was one of those days. I had to say goodbye to our dog Cowboy today. Just one month ago, we had to also let our dog Duke go. Duke was sick, Cowboy was old.

It has been a tough day, a tough month and a tough year, or two.

Just a little over a year ago we said goodbye to my brother Rod. Then our son-in-laws Mother Rose, followed by my cousin Renee. Sadness, emptiness, followed by hard decisions that had to be made. Life coming to an end is like that. It is cruel, brings sorrow and tests your strength. Some days are strong days, some are not. But the sun still shines, you still have to go to work, you still have to pay the electric bill. Even if you are sad.

Sadness makes it hard to sleep, eat, and keep smiling, even if you are surrounded by many other blessings. It is like wearing sad glasses, the world seems different. Your morning coffee isn't as tasty, your favorite chair isn't as comfy, and your taste buds just can't be satisfied.

Goodbye to all those who have left us. Your memories are still here in my heart. Your photos are still in their frames. But life goes on. Just because you have left, doesn't stop us from living. It just makes living a little harder, a little sadder, a little tougher.

May God bless our journey, bring us smiles, and heal our broken hearts. May our days feel brighter, more joyous, and more appreciative of those whom we have shared our life with. May we honor their short time with us by celebrating tomorrows.

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