Monday, March 25, 2013

Dogs are more than animals...

Monday, March 25...
Duker dog is not healing. He is my dog, my best pet friend.  He came to us one day after somebody dumped him at our house. He was a skeleton of a dog, hungry, scared, but wanting so badly to have someone love him. We went to the store, bought him a bag of Ol'Roy (cheap) dogfood and a leash. I told myself, this is what I will need until I find him a good home. I put the leash on him and he moved to my left side. We walked, he stayed right there, calm, on my left side. He paid attention and seemed to be so "greatfull" to be my new friend.  I fell in love. I didn't want a dog. But, after our walk, I wanted Duke. Back to the store, this time we bought him Pedigree dog food, dog treats, and a macho collar to go along with his leash.

Now, the vet says he may have cancer. He has tumors, and skin lesions. After a month of med's, and 7 trips to the vet, he is not getting better. I've had 4 greatfull years with him meeting me with a happy dance each time I pull into the driveway. He sings tunes at the top of his voice at night, making sure the coyotes know he is standing watch. He sometimes goes shopping at night (or should I say shoplifting?). He has brought me many presents, shoes (single shoes, not matching ones), toys, sticks, tupperware, and one time, he even brought me a beautiful pink bra (????).

I am greatfull for having him enter my life. He got me hooked on the show Dog Whisperer, so that I could be confident in handling such a large dog. He has walked in a parade,taken many naps on his blankie,  thinks he owns our golf cart, and is extremely LOYAL (and a good listener). He loves to go hiking, jumping into the lake, fetching frisbees, and sitting in the water to cool off.

Along with the blessings of my life,also comes the sadness.  Along with the beautiful sunrise starting my day, later comes the darkness of night. At this point, I am not sure what time it is in Duke's life, my companion may be facing death and I will face it with him, tears...

Duke passed away on April 4th, 2013. The house is quiet, the holes he dug (we called them his recliner)  in our yard have been filled, a rose bush has been planted in his memory.

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