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I was born with a disease, a disease that ruled my life, and it's name is ulcerative colitis.  I grew up going in and out of hospitals, to doctor appointments near and far, and at times too weak to stand on my own. I was blessed to have a circle of friends and family surround me to help.  When I became a wife and mother, that circle became my life line, my assurance that our lives would continue as normally as was possible.  I have never known anything any different.

I had to be organized, everything had to be put away, in it's place. Because I never knew when I would suddenly be hospitalized, my circle of support had to be able to step in. I needed to be able to tell my aunt where to find my daughters blue socks that went with her blue and yellow dress she must wear to that school play tomorrow.  I had to be able to hand-off my routines and responsibilities to my circle of friends and family at any time.

Then as I aged, so did my body.  Steroid treatments, malnutrition, and chemical therapies, took their toll on my joints. Now 9 surgeries later, I am learning daily how to make my life a little easier. 

I like being organized. 
I like having things in their place.

I am sharing some of my skills, habits, and discoveries that over the years has helped me with my daily routine. I hope you find them enjoyable to read and just maybe... a bit helpful!

Thank you for coming by!

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