Monday, March 12, 2018

Another Monday...

time to grow herbs

My morning:
I poured myself a fresh cup of hot coffee, fed Kitty, and sat looking out the window watching the two geese that are making our home their home. The sun coming up on the horizon was blood orange, the sky was deep blue, and the pond was steaming with white clouds. Now as I am writing,  the sun is hiding behind a gray sky and it is 42 degrees.

Sunrise on a cloudy day

This week:
my furry assistant
We are traveling for a few days to the big city to visit friends and family. I'm hoping to find some towers for my garden beds and see some inspiration in their garden centers.

I also hope to do some grocery shopping at the bigger supermarkets. Locally, we just had another grocery store close because they just can't compete with Walmart, we now have 7 Walmarts.

Our Sams Club just completed a big remodel and if you use their app, you don't even need to check out. You can go right to the door.

On the menu:
Tonight will be smoked pork shops with cabbage, sweet peppers, and potatoes. Maybe some chili mac tomorrow. Since we are traveling, I have no new recipes in mind this week even though Pinterest peaked my interest yesterday. You can check out my boards and see who I am following by searching for Gee Dazee. I love Pinterest and I am turning to it more than I am my treasured cookbooks. I guess I am changing with the times.

In the garden:
The peas are up. I was a little worried about them, they took a week longer than they should. I think I planted them a little too deep. I added compost and peat to the soil mix along with a natural fertilizer. Uncle Carl loaned me his twist and turn tiller and it worked out really well. It took me two days and I am only halfway through turning and mixing the black Missouri dirt.

Peas poking through that black Missouri dirt, hoses, more hoses, that twist and turn tiller and some dirt vitamins.

I planted one bundle of Texas Baby Sweet onions, and two 15 foot rows of red radishes. I will plant more in 2 weeks. Then  I will be planting potatoes, green beans, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, and lots of marigolds and other flowers. I wanted a drip watering system, similar to Kdaughters big nursery, but after I added up all the parts, the budget said no. So I invested in two 50 foot soaker hoses (and will probably get 2-3 more), a brass multi faucet (I can hook 4 hoses up) and a watering timer. No more dragging that heavy hose around on those hot summer days in July.

Living with Fibromyalgia:
It's been a tough week with not being able to sleep because of the joint pain and fatigue. I so enjoyed being outside two full days this week. I work for 20 minutes in my garden then sit down on the front patio and rest for twenty minutes. At night while I lay there awake, I can blame my pain on something other than my body.

This week, maybe my pain
was caused by
accomplishing something
I wanted and needed,
not this awful disease.

Living with an Ileostomy:
I met a "new to me" blogger who also has an ileostomy and she sent me a nice note. I'm still trying to learn more about fiber, thanks to scar tissue, fiber is not good for me. I am also trying to lose those extra 20 old age pounds. Raw veggies, nuts and grains are not going to be part of it. I thought about going totally sugar free, but after reading about the sugar substitutes, and giving in last Thursday to my addiction to brownies, that thought passed.

Living with an ostomy
has taught me that
no matter what this body does to me,
I can and will adjust to it.   

My Inspiration:

On my mind:
Thank you to the two little men (Maymay's angels) for the handmade Easter Egg! They are strong and caring little boys whose Father is in heaven. Big brother is now 5 years old and big enough to drive their golf  cart all by himself. He was issued his official "drivers license" and he is very proud and cautious. Growing up in the country comes with stuff like that.

Time to say goodbye. Till later...

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  1. my first cousin has the ostomy, hers has a bag on the outside. i did not know what it was called, she got it a few months ago. i looked up your two new words to me and found that is what hers is called. sorry to hear you are in pain.
    i love that tray with the herbs growing, the photo is beautiful and i love the tray and little buckets. you sound like the same type gardener my dad was. all that you listed he grew to feed us when we were growing up. add mustard, turnip and other greens and sweet potatoes. we were never hungry.

  2. sometimes I wonder why we have to go through all that pain... I do wish they would find ways to repair our broken bodies.
    ((hugs)) to you, you will be having a lovely garden.
    the picture with the herb pots is beautiful. Have a great week

  3. You have a cute little furry assistant there! My husband loves Wal-Mart but I have to admit I'd be lost without my grocery store choices. Hope your pain subsides and you have a wonderful week ahead!

  4. Enjoyed reading your post, Dazee, and love the herb pic. Your early gardening efforts will pay off. My husband is chomping at the bit! I'm in Missouri, too. What part of the state are you in? I'm in the southwest corner. Have a great week and may many blessings be yours! <3

  5. I've never had smoked pork chops before, but it sounds delicious!

  6. I am jealous you are starting your garden already. I am so behind on starting seeds indoors. It should have been on my to-do list, ha ha!

  7. I have such empathy for you. I have SLE, Fibromyalgia and recently ended up with a non-weight loss stomach bypass that changed my life beyond belief. 3 months ago you would not have been able to convince me to give up sugar - (nothing like waking up from a routine surgery and learning you can never again have certain things), but I have to say no sugar is NOT the worst thing ever. I too do NOT do ANY sugar substitutes or preservatives because of the SLE and Fibro so while your diet does become a bit limited, it is possible.

    Glad you're getting some gardening in, the fresh air always makes things better!

  8. I also have been starting my herbs, indoors this year, and then I will transfer them to the outside. It will soon be time to start the tomatoes and cucumbers, which I will also start indoors and transfer them outdoors when the time is right.

    I did not know that you had an ileostomy, I am sure that is difficult for you. Always wishing you the best, I hope it is warm and sunny where you are!


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