Sunday, October 29, 2017

Around our house...

Halloween is fun.
For us, it is a day to pretend, to dress up,
be anything you want to be.

A day to be  a bit silly.

Each fall the house magically decorates itself
with the help of a few seasonal visitors.

These critters come to visit each fall
and have been known to visit our neighbors too.

Sunflowers and Pumpkins magically appear!

The last tray of home grown tomatoes are picked
and the garden is made ready for winter.

The award for
Funniest Looking Tomato
Smallest Tomato goes to

Scarecrows, Jack-O-Lanterns, and little white ghosts
also come and stay for a spell.

Sorry, but I've got to go,
the critters are making popcorn balls! 

Thanks for coming by!


  1. i love autumn and your decor is so pretty. i did very little this year, compared to what i usually do - it's getting harder and harder for me to decorate!!!

    i have 2 tomatoes on my counter, the last 2 of the season too!!!

    1. Thank you Debbie! Me too, we use to have a very large halloween party complete with hay rides and a full hot buffet. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work. Since we live out in the country, we have only a few trick-or-treaters, so we are going to our daughters in the big city. It will be fun and no mess to clean up!

  2. What a fun post. It all looks great and I love the 'characters' you have there. Happy Halloween to you, too, Dazee. xo Diana

    1. Happy Halloween Diana! I'm dressing up as myself this year! t-shirt and jeans and a warm coat! Thank you for coming by.

  3. A lovely post, made me smile. Happy Halloween, loved the decor.

    1. Thank you for coming by to visit today mamasmercantile! I love your blog!

  4. I love that your Halloween is HAPPY not spooky, but PHUN... that little ghost is adorable and the tomatoes are to to funny

    1. Hi Sandra, what are going to be for Halloween?


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