Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Is it Valentine's Day?

No, this is not our best day, stuck here at home with the bug, a bad one, a real bad one. Thehubs can not talk without a coughing fit taking his breath away. Poor man has had this now for 9 days, diagnosed last Thursday with Influenza. Then yesterday, I got the full blown version too. We have been living like ostracized hermits for over a week. 

Everyone has been texting and calling to see if we are okay and I warn them to stay away. Oh it will be over in a few days, then a few more days and now a few more days. Friends and family have been dropping by and leaving packages of Mucinex, contact, chicken soup, and gatorade on our front porch, running as we open the door.  Others are sending prayers, condolences and suggestions after going through it themselves, investing in the pharmaceutical market and losing income to this awful bug.

Oh woe is me...
I will quit crying and
tell you about my plans for this lovely holiday.

First I will tell you about my tablescape. So many of my favorite blogs have posted beautiful and romantic tables full of delicious goodies set with intentional love and beauty. I adore them, they are so pretty and so full of love for those they are serving. Here is mine, or at least the beginning of mine. 

I wanted to stray away from the pinks and reds and experiment with a neutral background adding a simple red rose to the napkin rings later. I absolutely love my new placemats from Home Goods, my napkins from Pier One and my brand new flatware from Pioneer Woman. What you do not see and I did not finish is the small red rose added to the napkin rings, and the neutral tablecloth I got at Goodwill for only $3 (yea, brand new still in the package).

I recently exchanged Valentines with Debbie Kay from California. She sent me the prettiest assortment of Valentine goodies.  I built a little vignette in my entryway and I think it turned out very pretty. She is so sweet, kind and prayerful. I am now a follower of hers on Instagram and am so blessed to count her as a new friend. 

Keeping with my efforts to use different colors for my Valentine Centerpiece, I made these hearts from scrapbook paper. I spent the day with my 87 year old mom making home made Valentines and these were part a of my ideas. I loved the neutrals and my favorite color this year seems to be the blues. I love all shades, and can't make up my mind on just one.

The last piece was this heart dish I found at a little (thehubs called it dirty) flea market in Pittsburg, Kansas. It was a great day meeting friends at Chicken Annies and carousing the local shops. If you are from southwest Missouri, you know about Chicken Annie's, famous for their German Cole Slaw and German Potato Salad. I am especially proud that I only paid 50 cents for it and it fit exactly in the space I wanted it to. Thehubs says he won't go back even though I got a bargain.

I awoke from my nap yesterday to find these beautiful token of thehubs love.
He is my best friend, my greatest encourager and the best nurse.
We are going to celebrate 19 years together this spring even through the hard times, the good times and the sick times, he has always been by my side.

I love him more than words can say.

My wish for you on this special day is 
to take some time to be sweet!

Have a wonderful and lovely Valentine's Day!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon. Your neutral table setting looks stunning.

  2. the only valentine around us is on my blog. yours is stunning, gorgeous and Wow.. so sorry you are both ill, God bless the people ringing your door bell. I did that several years ago when my son had the flu, I handed the bowl through the door and ran... I love all of your tables and your gift.

  3. I hope you feel better soon! I love your creative decorating :). Welcome to Inspire Me Monday!

  4. So lovely to have your company at our Mosaic Monday get together this week, your Valentine's Day treasures are delightful. Sending best wishes from Normandy, hope you both feel better soon.

  5. I am so very sorry you are both sick! Your rose background is so pretty. You are a talented decorator! Everything is so beautiful!! I love the color schemes! I also love Home Goods and Pier 1! Your Pioneer woman flatware is beautiful; I love the soft lines of it, and the neutral color. Everything is just perfect! Hoping you both get well very soon!

  6. Hope that the ickies are soon gone and you can enjoy a good day today!

  7. I was so happy to hear you mention Chicken Annie's. I thought they were open for dinner only. We're going over to Pittsburg next week so I can show my brother our other brother's memorial paving stone at the Veteran's Memorial at Pitt State.

    I dearly love your white tray. Wish I had one. Very pretty tables - something I also love. And they don't even have to be pretty - I like fun tables as well.

  8. It looks like you're having some great creative fun! Hope you feel better!
    Stopping by from Inspire Me Monday (it just takes me awhile)

  9. everything looks so beautiful!! you are so lucky to have such a wonderful man and such great friends to help you while you are not feeling well!!

    i hope you are feeling better soon, i have heard on tv that this strand of the flu is a strong one. take care!!


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