Friday, July 11, 2014

Photo Challenge

“You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” 
― Ansel Adams

Today I am linking up with
for her monthly photo challenge
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I must thank BJ over at
the referral.

I took this photo a few years ago and it captured my heart, brought a smile and a tear. I thought it was a pretty good photo and figured I got lucky getting a shot that seemed to speak to me such innocence and simplicity.  

I printed one and gave it to my aunt.  Just last week at our family reunion, I noticed that my Aunt had framed it and hung it on her wall.  Again, it captured my heart and spoke of such an innocent time. It was taken with a kodak point and shoot, I hope the size and pixels (?) are good. I then uploaded it into Picmonkey and added the frame and used the Sepia feature.

I just discovered Picmonkey a year ago, and still have so much to learn. But I find Picmonkey relaxing and fun to play with.

So I am entering it into her challenge.  

Thank you Sara Marie
for your innocent smile!


  1. What a beautiful little girl with a sweet smile. It's a wonderful soft and warm. Very nice for the challenge! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Diane

  2. she is beautiful as is her smile and your photo.. and it should be named "innocence'

  3. I love picmonkey and use it daily. I have two other editors, too, but pic is the easiest to do. Love the photo.

  4. An awesome capture of a sweet face and I like the angle you took it on. Changing it to Sepia was a nice thought, something I've rarely tried.

  5. What a beautiful smile on that little one!!

  6. What a neat picture. You did a great job capturing a beautiful child.

  7. A beautiful portrait of a sweet little girl - capturing innocence and trust while holding someones hand!
    So glad you joined Donna's challenge, welcome and ovely to meet you!

  8. She is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. You certainly captured that child's beauty and sweetness.

  10. Awww!! Love little Sara's smile! Great capture!

  11. Thank you so much for joining in the photo challenge! This is such a tender portrait, with her sweet smile and young eyes. Yes, I think you captured innocence and simplicity very well. The handholding in the frame also adds to the story. Beautiful!

  12. Beautiful! Excellent shot!

  13. Toda doçura e inocência neste olhar. Parabéns! Bela foto!
    Um abraço!
    All sweetness and innocence in this look. Congratulations! Beautiful photo!

  14. Quite mystical and timeless. No wonder you love it so! What a great photo of this precious little one. A real keeper.

  15. What a lovely moment to capture! nice editing too.


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