Monday, April 14, 2014

Purple Fields

Purple Fields
in Kansas

We spent last Friday working in Kansas.
About 10 miles northeast of us the land goes flat.
We see field after field of purple flowers
soon to be tilled and turned into fields of corn.

It was a beautiful, short sleeve, kind of day
with sunshine and shadows.

The day was perfect for a long drive
with the windows open,
listening to my one of my favorite playlists
of oldies. Cruising to K.T. Oslin,
Beach Boys, Elvis and Roy Orbison.

A day for meeting up with friends,
to sit outside and enjoy what 
Mother Nature is creating.
And... to climb a tree.


Saturday, we headed southeast
through the Ozark Mountains to the lake.
It was another gorgeous day, sunny and warm
and windy, very windy.

A day for working outside
with Big Boy toys.

And our little boy
to discover the camera and 
take his first "selfie".
His curiosity is so much fun.

We headed home through wind, 
at times gusting up to 60mph.
Then we hit the edge of the storm 
just 15 minutes from home.

By the time we pulled in our driveway
this was our view to the east.

A double rainbow.

It was still raining.
We were so close to it,
I could only get one corner of the rainbow
in my camera view finder.

Our local newspaper editor
a wonderful photographer,
posted this view on  their facebook page

Mother Nature is presenting a beautiful spring.
I have enjoyed her show these past few days.
But today was another of her unusual days...
it is snowing.

PS: wood for our new floors is supposed to arrive this week!

I can't wait to reveal our redo!

Sneak Peek?

I made it!


  1. i would love to see that field of purple flowers.. amazing...and you caught a double rainbow, wow.. the one from the news is to and also like the big boy toy shot. great shot.. sweet little face and beautiful eyes... and what a super idea for a vase.. is that a mayo jar?
    i can't tell you how many plastic jars and bottles i throw away and think, someone should use this. like my cremora containers would be god like this

    1. Hi Sandra it is a maraschino cherry bottle. I've been trying to be crafty...

  2. Gorgeous field of flowers and great pictures all over. Cute little vase, too. Can't wait to see your floor done-I bet you can't either- xo Diana

    1. Diana thank you for the encouragement. The delays are slowing things down but that gives me more time to play with different things. Hope it turns out ok.....

  3. Purple fields around here are usually Lavender Fields. Why would they plow this up and plant corn? Oh that rainbow is divine and the little one's selfie was so cute.

    1. Hello Ida, it is a weed with shallow roots called Henbit. It is everywhere right now so it must be an early and cold tolerant plant.

  4. And I can't wait to see the reveal!! Purple fields, I know you thought of me!! Beautiful images today!!

    1. You are so right Debbie, I had to use our little point and shoot as we' we're working. Wouldn't!t it be pretty early in the morning!

  5. What a great trip! I hope we have a wet spring and the farmers can't get in too early so the fields will turn purple here. Love, love, love the rainbows. Yeah, the snow happened again didn't it. Well, that's the last time! Have a fun Easter.


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