Thursday, March 6, 2014

It was a major purge!

The hubs said to me yesterday...

"I need to get back to work,
these honey-do's are killing me".

We have been painting and spring (almost) cleaning around here. It started in the guest bedroom and bathroom.  Then on to the living room, the office, then the master closet and bathroom. The vacuum cleaner is tired, I am tired, and so is the hubs. Even the washing machine is tired.  But... everything is fresh, clean and better organized. It was a major purge, in fact three loads to the donation center and starting on another.

Before photos!

This is our entryway looking into the office
The burgundy paint is all gone...
The silk flower arrangements are all gone...

 The hubs painted everything,
ceilings, walls and trim.

Our master bathroom was three colors:
hunter green, golden yellow and chocolate brown.
All has been painted, caulked, and trimmed.

The smallest room required the most work. 
The master closet was a mess, but not anymore!
Purge, purge and purge some more.

I did a couple of craft projects along the way.

Coming soon!
The BIG Reveal!

"Ya' all come back now ya here?"


  1. that is a lot of painting. he is amazing... we need to do the same thing, and painting forces us to get rid of things we forgot we have and don't use... can't wait to see the REVEAL... that is always my favorite part of HGTV

  2. Great inspiration you are to all of us! I can't wait to see the end result. I would be pupt, too. I have been purging, but not on your level quite yet. It feels so good for me so I know you have got to be so happy inside. Rest up.

  3. I'll be back for sure. A great time of year to get all these projects done!!

  4. I can;'t wait to see it, Jackie. Good for you- it is looking wonderful. I am purging myself here, too- GREAT job!!!!! xop Diana


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