Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Grays of Winter

 Baby, it's cold outside. 

The wind is blowing and stirring up the snow,
moving it one direction, then changing direction again. 
Snowflakes are hitting me in the face,
one, and then another, and another.

We spent most of the morning rescheduling appointments and answering emails.  We work with some amazing and  dedicated people who are always in touch. Even if they are at home on a snow day, the work continues to get done.

This is the view out my kitchen window 
overlooking one of our flags and the pecan and walnut grove. 
Today it is filled with beautiful snowflakes falling amidst the "grays of winter".


We have many bird houses, martin houses, and feeders scattered about our neighborhood.
We also have many large birds.
They are always alone.  With their knees bending backwards,
they slowly walk along the bank of the pond 
blending in with the "grays of winter".


I went for a brief and chilly walk this morning.
The snow was blowing side ways across the pond
and whipping around the house in the wind.

The "grays of winter" 
are everywhere.

I am prepared.

I have a plan.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I just love that wagon!!! and the jars are wonderful expectantly the contents... daddy loved Snickers and that is what he lived on the last few months of his life. snickers and ice cream..

  2. It LOOKS cold!!! I love that you have the feeders and bird houses!! I imagine it is warm and snug in your house this evening! Glad you guys can work from home!

  3. Nice wintery shots. I really like the goose. - I'm looking forward to spring.

  4. i LOVE it, it's just so beautiful!! that's a heron in your pond, i am surprised he/she did not fly south for winter!!

    a very cool shot of the wagon!!


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