Friday, January 24, 2014

five minute friday - Visit

I was in a deep sleep that summer's night, when my Father woke me up. He wanted to visit with me, alone, just the two of us. So I brewed a pot of coffee, and we sat down at the kitchen table.

He asked me what was troubling me. My teenage daughter and I had been arguing that night. I had been questioning my parenting as she was growing up and becoming a woman.

He looked me in the eye,
with nothing but silence in the room with us, and he said to me:

She is learning who she is and this is her time. I know it is difficult to sit back and allow your child to make a mistake, even the smallest one, you want to protect her. But you have to allow her to make mistakes while they are small, that way she will learn how hard they are to clean up. She will learn, on her own, how difficult some of life's decisions can be and she will develop her own sense of self.”

We sat there drinking coffee while having a long conversation about my deepest worries.

Then he took the last drink from his cup,
gave me a hug
and said goodbye.

Then, I heard the phone ringing. It just kept ringing and ringing and ringing. I awoke and slipped down the hall to answer it. My brother was calling from miles away. He called to tell me our Father had passed away just a few minutes ago. The cancer had taken his last breath. I didn't feel upset, scared or angry. I felt calm, and I felt a sense of peace within.

For before he left,
he had come to visit me.


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  1. Hi!! My name is Heather, I found you on Five Minute Friday's link up. I sooo enjoyed your post, thank you for sharing such intimate words. I felt as if I was right there with you!! (and PS, I copied and pasted your snippit about Lisa's Five Minute Friday's, I hope you do not mind!!!) :) Thank you and I will be back.

  2. How beautiful! I lost my father several years ago and I would so treasure the visit you had....but I have memories.....

  3. Jackie- What a marvelous story. I am happy that your Dad had his visit with you- xo Diana

  4. Jackie, you have an awesome father. What a wonderful thing he did before he left. Now that's love. He's still with you from time to time. My folks come and go. I know when they are here.

  5. this is a great story, i can't decide if it is a fiction or true, but that doesn't matter. it is beautiful


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