Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pet Peeves Tuesday...

Today I am making my husbands favorite cookies and he will share them with the boys who meet together at our small town post office each morning. I have flour, sugar, pecans and all those delicious ingredients spread out all over my counter. When I am using my Artisan Kitchen Aide Mixer, I am in heaven on earth. It is my “absolute favorite” kitchen tool. I had dreamed about this mixer for years. I had asked Santa for this mixer for more than twenty years and he had not delivered on my request.

Then I found a recipe for Pecan Cookies. I made those cookies several times, stirred them by hand till my hand was so tired, I could hardly turn the spoon. My husband LOVED those cookies. He shared them with the boys at the post office and the boys at the coffee shop, and he bragged about how I had made them especially for him and it had taken me all day to do so. Then he started asking me for more Pecan Cookies. Even the boys at the post office started asking for more Pecan Cookies.

Hmm, I thought for a minute. So, I told them I just couldn't make anymore Pecan Cookies because it was just too hard on my hand doing all of that stirring, and stirring, after all, it takes me all day and three bowls to make those cookies.

One month later,
for Christmas,
Santa brought me
an Artisan Kitchen Aide Mixer.

Now it is time for some of my Pet Peeves...

Pet Peeve #1: Why are Oreo white fudge cookies only put on the shelf during the Christmas Holidays? I want to eat them all year long. So I have to buy 10 boxes and hide them from myself so I won't eat them all in one week. Then I forget where I hid them.

Pet Peeve #2: People must eat a lot of Tootsie Rolls around here. Just about every flea market I visit has a half dozen Tootsie Roll containers in their booths, you know the ones shaped like a large tootsie roll. Really, are they valuable? Did I miss the Pawn Star episode where someone came in with a Tootsie Roll container and they paid them big bucks for it?

Pet Peeve #3: Pet peeves are like... you know... like... Have you had a conversation with someone who like... uses the word like... often... like all the time... in their... like sentences... you know it drives me crazy... like my mind starts to wander, you know, like I keep waiting for like... the next word, you know... like when? You know. Have you ever?


  1. Like, I can relate to the last one, drives me nuts to... the other two though i have to say i have never eaten white fudge Oreo even though the original Oreo is my favorite cookie of all , including home made cookies in a new mixer and I have never seen a tootsie roll container, which means those people must have sold them to the flea market where you live. Like, I LIKED this post... thanks for the smiles

  2. forgot to say your blog looks beautiful and oh so festive...

  3. hehe, i like, have like, the same pet peeve!!

    i am a HUGE cookie baker.....i will start baking christmas cookies next week!!

    YaY on that mixer gift, most girls would not be as excited as you are about a gift like that!! but i LOVE those types of gifts.....at this point in my life, i really only want things i need!! and i'm not much of a jewelry person!!


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