Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thank you...

Thank you for popping over and reading my blog. The other night I took the time to read my entire blog, all 74 posts. I think I have relaxed a bit since I started. I didn't have a clue what a post or comment was when I clicked on Blogspot that first time.

I thought “Heaven help me” when I saw the template and layout windows on Blogspot. I still pause before I click that orange “publish” button. Butterflies gather in my stomach, but now, I can honestly say, I like those butterflies. It feels exciting.

I began blogging on march 25th, 2013.
I didn't know a thing about blogs. 

I had happened upon a blog by Linda Chapman. Her blog, Linda's Life Journal,at

was my first inspiration. Her positive attitude and her daily posts about her life reminded me of my early years in 4-H Club writing to pen pals all over the country. I would write my deepest thoughts, seal them in an envelope and mail them to my friends. Then I would run to our mailbox each day hoping their hand written letters back to me would be inside.

I soon discovered “It's All About Purple...” and got to know a lady by the name of Debbie.

She shared her love for photography and her home state of New Jersey. I knew nothing about New Jersey, except for the show “Housewives of New Jersey”. That show does not do New Jersey any justice. We started exchanging comments and I felt we had connected. We had similar characteristics, similar organizing habits, and became blogging friends.

If I don't read Linda or Debbie's blog posts often, I feel concerned and miss my dose of friendship. I care about them. Iwant them to be happy and share their everyday lives with me.

My reading list has grown as you can see in my side bar. I love the “Mad Snapper”.

Her posts about buying her new car kept me in stitches. I can relate to her sense of humor and enjoy her photography. I would not know about Pizap if she hadn't shared it with me. Thank you.

And of course, I could not end this post without a word about Diana over at Nana Diana Takes a Break.

Her life is a ball, her use of the English Language is hilarious. She has helped me so much with her support and encouragement, and blog knowledge. Diana, you have been a wonderful blogging friend. I would still be stuck here by myself if you hadn't shared your blogging expertise.

Tete over at “Beyond the Garden Gate” has also become a friend. Her photos are just beautiful! 

Her blog is a joy to read and at the top of my Reading List. Thank you Tete for coming by to say Hello and visit with me.

I could go on and on as I have over 50 blogs on my favorites bar. Everyone of them has been a joy, an inspiration and just pure fun to get to know. I have learned so much about myself along this journey into Blog Land. And I couldn't have done it with such joy and ease had it not been for my blog friends.

Thank you!
Have a great


  1. all of this is of great interest to me.... and thanks for the mention... blogging has been a joy, an inspiration, a way to meet new friends. i have friends that started with me in 09 and new friends like you that I have just met. I love all of you and I believe blogging is a way to keep ourselves adjusted... we can blurt out things, we can travel to new places we will never see and there is no way to have hundreds of friends in REAL life but in blogland we Can and do... I for one am glad you started your blogging. headed over to meet your friends.

  2. Your welcome Jackie, I must thank you also because i really enjoy my visits here as well!! i am so very happy we found each other, and like you, I feel we have much in common!!

    Keep writing, keep sharing!! It's been over 3 years for me and I could not imagine my life without my blog!! Truly one of my greatest joys and my happy place for sure!! Debbie. xo


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