Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sniff, sniff, cough, cough...

We came home after helping Kdaughter get settled into her new home bringing a couch and a large picture with us. Kdaughter didn't want them anymore and our living room had been looking tired lately. We pulled the truck and trailer into our lane (thehubs loves to pull his trailer on long trips) and started backing it in when our cousins/neighbors came right over and offered to help us switch out couch for couch. It was quick and easy and it looks so good in the living room.

Kdaughter and her husband had been staying in a lease house after their transfer while they got acquainted with their new neighborhoods and then found the perfect house. It is a large house with two sets of stairs that do not like me and I don't like them. I hope we can make friends after I build up some muscle and the unpacking is finished. Those up and downs, and up and downs, and up and downs finally got to me. I got tired. My knees started screaming STOP and we had to come home.

Well you know how it is. We get a new couch so it is time to paint, get new lamps and sconces. I found two lamps online at Kirklands, used my coupon and saved a bunch. They have burlap shades, a first for me, so I may try adding a ribbon or something to bling them up a bit. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Then I got hit by a nasty head cold and spent the rest of the week in my recliner trying to breathe. I enjoyed reading all my blogger friends posts and made a comment or two but had no energy for anything else. Thank you Puffs with Lotion, Sinutab and Vicks. You got me through this, you are truly miracle products in my book. 

I hope to get my sense of humor back soon. I think it is just too tired and afraid to surface until the coughing and blowing comes to an end.

But it is Tuesday so time for
a couple more of my... PET PEEVES!

#1: People in line at Wally World who do not cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze therefor spraying me with germs. Sniff, sniff, cough, cough...

#2: Women who leave wet driblets on the toilet seats and toilet paper droppings on the floor in the restroom at Wally World. Puh...leeze???

#3: Farmers who find the fall season a good time to spread chicken manure on their fields making my drive home from Wally World stinky. I just can't hold my breath that long. 

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  1. my body does not love stairs ;)

    but that house "feels" light, airy and beautiful!! they are young!!

  2. i share your first to peeves, no farmers here, and will add one. people who go out to eat and are so sick they are falling over in their food, hacking and coughing and spreading germs... i like that sofa and the lamps and that stair case photo is beautiful


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