Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christmas Movies...

It is that time of year. We sit up late at night and watch Christmas movies, first one and then another. Thehubs loves them and so do I. We snuggle under the blanket wearing our matching Christmas pajamas, drinking hot cocoa with sugarplums dancing in our heads. 

Not really, I will have a decaff coffee with Baileys, he will have a cold beer while eating cheese sticks, and we will be wearing our worn out but comfy pajamas that absolutely no one else will ever see (if I can help it).

Last night we watched “A very Merry Mix-up” on the Lifetime Movie Network. It was about a young woman who owns an antique shop in the city who is traveling to spend Christmas with her fiancee's family. 

A series of bad luck at the airport results in a name mix-up and she ends up staying with a family by the same name, just not the family of her fiancee.

She enjoys a traditional family holiday, decorating the Christmas tree, baking cookies, and feeling a part of this family. Only to find out it is not her fiancee's family.

She finds true love, lives happily ever after and continues the family traditions she cherishes and enjoys. One big happy family, one happy ending, one good movie.

If only the holidays could be planned like a movie, complete with a beautifully decorated home that has been in the family for generations, everyone is healthy, everyone has time off work to bake cookies, shop, and wrap presents. 

Oh and an unlimited budget and a large pantry so you can feed the entire town and never have to fight the crowds at the grocery store. 

I can only dream... ahhh... doesn't it feel good to dream about the perfect Christmas?

Well, our family is more like the movie
“National Lampoons Christmas Vacation”

Thehubs will put up a million lights and he will work on them until midnight every night. My turkey may blow up, and the cat may cause a fire and burn down our Christmas Tree. The dog may turn the table over and hopefully the S.W.A.T. Team will not come flying through the windows.

But I can guarantee
it will have a happy ending... 
just like in the movies.


  1. ooohhhh i must look for that movie, it sounds like one i would love!!

    christmas vacation is our very most favorite movie in the entire world. we watch it thanksgiving night, when we decorate the tree and about 20 times throughout the season. we all have christmas vacation shirts too and we are not afraid to wear them!!

    1. How about a photo of all of you in the t-shirts? I was telling thehubs about your comment and he said with a jealous look... "I want one"! aI will have to tell Santa!


    3. i ordered the shirts online!!

  2. Love it Debbie!! It just wouldn't get our holiday season going without The Griswold Family on the big screen! I love the scene where they are driving to get their Christmas Tree, yes, that could happen to us!

  3. I am a Christmas movie junkie, and Lifetime has 3 different channels in our liine up. hubby will not watch them. i DVR them and watch when he is in his workshop. i watched Autumn Christmas and for the second time cried all the way through it. i have not seen this movie, i will look for it..
    i have two on the DVR now but no time to watch them. football is on right now

  4. I watched a Lifetime Christmas movie today too!!! It was about a lady who was to be married on Christmas Eve and hitch hiked a ride with a father and his 12 year old daughter. I love a feel good movie!!! I plan to watch a LOT of them this season! My decorating should start tomorrow night! LD gets back in town and I will be home from Quadville. At least we will unload the decorations from the storage building attic. I hope it is cool enough for a fire and I will be sure to have the TV turned to the Lifetime Channel. Hallmark makes good movies, too! Wonder if I get THAT channel?? Merry CHRISTMAS!!

  5. Hi Linda, I love your decorating and I can't wait to see your finished Santa. We have thought about getting our Christmas decorations down from the attic but we just took on a new client and have been busy running about. Feeling "Greatfull" that God is sending work our way during these hard times.

  6. I love that movie! That's about how ours goes, too. It wouldn't be Christmas any other way. There is nothing perfect here but the love.

  7. oh jackie, the place looks great!!

    1. Hi Debbie, when you said you had skylights I got all excited! Love those, nothing better than natural light! Please share some photos. I looked at cameras today.... so much to absorb. I am asking Santa for a better one. Mine is an old kodak point and shoot that has taken a million pictures of repo houses. It is reliable but not good for colors and clarity. Can you recommend a beginners camera? The guy at the store recommended a Nikon brand???? Help?


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