Thursday, October 10, 2013

Back when...

Today it is gorgeous outside, the sunrise this morning was just breath taking. The dew was heavy and the fog rolled across the hill just across the pond.

The field across from us is leased by a local veterinarian who has a herd of black angus roaming around. I have walked this farm most of my life. The Yocum farm was 368 acres, bordered on the east and west sides by County Roads, with hills and valleys in between. It boasts pecan and walnut orchards, ponds, and lots of wild life. Pete and Faye Yocum raised cattle and horses and bailed the hay and grass several times a year.

Pete and Fay Yocum owned our local lumber yard back when I was only 8 years old. 

I would ride my bike down to visit them and buy an ice cold Coca Cola from the cold water filled soda machine. 

It was only a nickel and I would have to clean out my Dad's bird dog pens to earn that nickel. I would ride my bike everywhere back then.

I would ride it so much that I had to ask for new tires each summer.

Pete and Fay lived in a rock house with a solarium on the south end. When our daughter was born we bought the old 2 story farm house across the street from them (and only a half mile from my where I grew up). 

 Faye was more than my neighbor. Faye was my dear friend. Faye's Mother “Grandma Daisy” was up in years and Faye moved her in giving me two sets of grandmas just across the driveway. They both played such an important role in our everyday life. I am so grateful for them, I saw them everyday, they were my family.

I moved away and then came back 20 years later. We built a home just a ways down the road and I can see their home place from my patio. Pete and Faye are gone but the view is still the same. The fence rows are not as clean, but the pecan trees are still producing the thinnest shelled pecans I have ever cleaned and the cows still stare at me when I walk the fence.
I grew up in this small town of less than 300 residents. We were all neighbors. We were like a big family back when...


  1. ;) You are so lucky to be living back there again! Such precious memories of treasured souls. Love the glimpse into a simpler time and place and the thoughts of riding from sun up to sun down. I miss those days, too. My parents both grew up in small towns and I chose to raise my kids in a small town. Nothing like it in the world. Nothing. Tell the cows hi for me and pop an acorn top just for fun.

  2. i like this story, so beautifully written!!

    i grew up in what seemed to be a large town....i am still here and now it's for sure a huge town. way too much traffic, too much congestion. but our home is tucked back off the road, on an acre of land with a view of a beautiful winding river. i am happy, right here where i am!!

  3. I love that you share your city with me on your blog. I can remember standing in the snow on Michigan Avenue in Chicago looking up amazed at how tall the buildings were. I was only there one night for business, I walked into Sachs and used the bathroom LOL. I have never been east, and can only imagine the views of the city lights especially at night. I envy the choices of a big city, the museums, shows, parks, and especially the grocery stores!


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