Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekend at the Lake!

 We got to spend our weekend
at the Lake House! 

 We started each morning with biscuits and gravy,
lots of hugs and kisses from our favorite grand dog,
short walks, wet feet, bbq and enjoying that lake view! 

The view is beautiful in the mornings

with a cool breeze and lots of shade.  

 The Lake House sits on the side of an Ozark Mountain
and the views are breath taking no matter what time of day. 
The men in our family built this wrap-around deck this past summer and have plans to close it in this fall with a retaining wall. The work has already begun.

Our kids have blessed us so many times...

words just cannot describe the love of a family...

and a special place to share our lives...

and a special dog to stay with gramma and papa!
She loves riding in her car seat!

I woke up a week ago with Vertigo and my world 
has not stopped spinning since. My Doctor says people just get it, 
and you have to ride it out, take your car sick medicine
and wait for it to go away. My life had to adjust...

So gramma and grand dog are spending time together, 
doing a little here and there, and just sitting down a lot!
She always has hugs and kisses for me!

I apologize for the clarity of these cell phone photos, I plan to replace them with better photos after I stop spinning!


  1. What a beautiful place to stay. Love it- love the Ozarks. I was born and raised on top of a mountain so I LOVE the views. I am so sorry you are experiencing vertigo. That is an awful feeling. Hope it leaves you soon- xo Diana

  2. Sounds like a great way to spend the day!! Beautiful view!!

  3. When you aren't feeling well, dogs are wonderful company, aren't they? I swear, my dogs are at their happiest when I'm ill because it means we all lay around and hang out together.


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