Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Changing the sheets...

QUOTE FOR MY DAY:  Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. Confucius

I have changed many sheets in my lifetime, many, too many to count. White ones, colored ones, flowered ones, striped ones, many colors, many designs, many, many times. Many sizes, twins, full, queens, kings... 

I wonder who came up with the names of sheet sizes? Probably the servant of a King and Queen of something, somewhere. It started somewhere back in time and has endured many changes (ha!).

It seems so easy. You take them off, wash them, dry them, then put them back on and they smell so good and are so clean. You hop into bed and you can just smell the clean, feel the clean, know the clean.

I wish life was that easy. I wish we could just stop for an hour, strip our lives of all the dirt, the anger, sorrow, exhaustion, frustration, you know those “germs of our lives” (is that a name of a soap opera?). Throw those feelings into the washing machine and turn the dial to sanitize. Wash it with Tide with fabric softener to make it come out so soft and smelling like a sunny day. Then toss it into the dryer, where all the lint of your life will come off. Then toss the lint into the trash.

Life is like that. It is full of lint, needs to be stripped, washed and sanitized... and then laid on.

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